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Air Force Christmas Ornaments
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Air Force Academy Summer Scarf
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Air Force Academy Two Sided Winter Scarf

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AF Heart Decal
For only $10.00 you can purchase this 4"x4" window decal for your automobile. Purchase one for the grandparents, girlfriends, aunts & uncles, brothers & sisters . . . they would all love
to show their love and support.

Thank you for ordering. We are currently out of stock!
USAFA Magnets
For $15.00 you can purchase these 6" magnets to show your
pride in your USAFA cadet.Several styles to choose from
(Proud Parent, Mom, Dad, Grandparent, Aunt,
Uncle, Girlfriend as well as ALO and Sponsor Magnets).
Get yours today!

Please specify your choices from the
following when ordering:
* Proud Parent, Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Stepdad,
Sister, Brother, Aunt, or Uncle - USAFA Cadet
* Proud Grandparent
* Girlfriend of a USAFA Cadet
* Air Force Academy ALO
*Air Force Academy Sponsor
* Or write in your custom order
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Customize Orders

Download these instructions for ordering your magnet today and to see the different styles available.

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